Goblin King



Let me tell you about this fuckin goblin king right here Imma lay it all out in the open.

This fucker right here
went and stole poor slagathor‘s toy dragon that HE EARNED by beating on some spider bitch, who cares. The fact is is that he got it IN A CHEST. He killed the spider bitch, he opened the chest, and then he saw the toy dragon and he knew it was love. he knew that him and the toy dragon would be together forever because he had never felt the feelings he felt for this toy before but then this fucker right here
had to go and get his little dick goblin buddies to surround us while shrieking for slagathor’s new toy wooden dragon (that was made of mahogany) that he had no right to. Then some of Slagathor’s asshole friends decided that it would be better if they just crushed poor slagathor’s heart and make him give the toy dragon to this fucker right here

Slagathor tried with all his might to argue his case of his newfound love to his teammates, but the combination of his hangover, his inability to have a high enough charisma score, and the continuous god damn screaming of the goblin king and his bitch ass lackeys eventually broke down slagathor and THIS FUCKER RIGHT HERE

Then, as a form of poetic justice, all of slagathor’s teammates ate acid for a while.

Goblin King

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