Grasp of the Silver Hand

The story so far! Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Slagathor's mother.

And so it came to pass that three adventurers found themselves in the city of Rafflestultz for the holiday of Festivius. Derrick (the Cleric), Slagathor Doublekilt, and Lilly Hammer. They came for their own reasons (all of which involved the much-harrowed sport of greco-Dwarven wrestling), but all came together at the behest of great riches when the Baron’s son was kidnapped mid-grapple by a mysterious group identified only by the emblem of a silver hand hung around their necks. After some sewage spelunking, the permanent mental scarring of an elven farm-maid, untold amounts of slaughter, and a near-fatal encounter with a feral boar (whose name was Gus, by the way) our stalwart heroes returned the boy safely to his father and reaped the sweet sweet rewards. A mysterious note was found bearing the silver hand emblem and was handed over to city scholars for decoding.

Mere days later, a chance encounter with (and subsequent annihilation of) a hungry thief revealed a cryptic treasure map. The scroll spoke of ponies and a rather unpleasant group of thieves we won’t be discussing in polite company. Our heroes were joined in their venture by a ceremonious wizard named Nebucharonius and a banjo-shredding bard named Laris. Hopes of treasure and a good heaping of boredom led the merry band to the city of A Town (the A is for A-hole because seriously screw those guards), which had shutdown all entry due to a series of attacks by a winged monster. Further map-trekking placed our group in a whimsical encounter with a musical pinata beast that seemed to positively glow with the power of friendship. After subduing (and hogtying) the equine abomination, they discovered a door in a nearby false tree and stepped into shadow. Inside, our heroes grappled with long-repressed father issues and eventually a young black dragon, who was apparently the source of all the A-town chicanery. A terminal velocity battle ensued, terminating in the extreme termination of said dragon by way of a massive barbarian battleaxe (not named Terminator, unfortunately.) With the A Town guards still acting like jerks, our heroes took the rare spoils from the corpse of the pony pinata and headed out in search of their next source of booze-money.



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