Lilly Hammer

You can always add more salt later


A large and very handsome half-orc, approximately 7" of awesome.

21 HP
18 STR
15 DEX
15 CON
13 INT
14 WIS
14 CHA

AC = 17

Weapons – Great axe and short bow.

Armor – Scale Armor


Born to a human father (Barry) and an orc mother (Grn’Thil the gouger) Lilly Hammer had a very normal and happy child hood. He very regularly played smash the weaker and slay your enemies with his father (who was a great barbarian and had the biggest ax Lilly has ever seen).

At a young age Lilly Hammer realized that he loved food, not like in a having sex with it sorta way, but an appreciation for the plethora of different flavors that can be brought out of even the simplest dish. He ate delicious meals, and slayed those he deemed as “bad” all through his teenage years. When he entered his 18th year of not having died he decided that it was time to set out and find new and exotic food to eat.

After a long journey from his northern home Lilly Hammer found himself in the town of Rafflestultz where a great festival was being held. Not only where there rich dishes and creamy deserts, there was cream dwarf wrestling. While waiting for his chance to fight he witnessed a kidnapping and met his two best friends. Derrick (who is a very small cleric) and Slagathor (who Lilly really worries about (Slagathor has a really bad drinking problem, like may be ruining his life and the lives of those around him (probably because of his mother it would seem that she has caused him a lot of issues (I don’t think his father was there and Slagathor was probably a problem child so you can’t blame her too much (although it was probably just his way of acting up for not getting proper meals (speaking of which, I had the best leg of lamb the other day (it was grilled with some lemon and thyme (fresh thyme too not like from a jar (or shaker))))))))).

He later met two other guys. An odd wizard and a guy who can play the shit out of his banjo thing.

Lilly Hammer

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